Passionate sea divers community

The crystal-clear waters of Egypt’s Red Sea delivers an unparalleled diving experience, with incredible visibility and an abundance of marine life it is a haven for a thriving underwater community.


A spectrum of unique breathtaking species

Egypt’s diverse ecological landscape, and spectacular geographic location makes it a growing hub for birdwatchers worldwide. Join our community now!

Health & Wellness

Connecting with nature

We introduce to you Egypt’s serene landscapes and flourishing yoga community making it a perfect spot for your meditative holiday. Namaste.


An adrenaline rush

Climbing through the jagged Sinai mountains, or hiking in the infinite sands of the Saharan desert will create an unforgettable experience. Join your world of adventure now!


A sense of warmth, community and history

Get acquainted with the Bedouin tribes scattered across the Egyptian landscape characterising the very fabric of this timeless culture embodied in museums, ancient lodges, mosques, monasteries, and handmade crafts.