1. Wadi El Gemal
    wadi el gemal - camel - red sea - mountain - ecotourism - nature - adventure - egypt - sustainable tourism - trees - mountain
  2. Abu Galum
    - abo galoum- abu galum - abu galoum- Sinai - star gazing - stars - camping - eco - camp
  3. Nabq
    nabq - red sea - ecotourism - south sinai - sinai - egypt - water - beach - nature - mangrove
  4. Ras Muhammad
    ras mohammed - ras muhammed - ras muhammad - nature tourism - adventure tourism - sustainable travel -
  5. St. Katherine
    saint katherine - st catherine- mount katherine - stargazing - stars - sustainable tourism - toursim - ecotourism - adventure tourism - nature tourism - cultural tourism - religious tourism -
  6. Siwa
    boys- dancing- siwa- tribes- local community- dance- local tribes- local tribe- local men- tradition- traditional dancing
  7. White Desert
    White desert - agabat - rocks - rock formations- sunset- desert- saharaa- sustainable destinations- sustainable travel - ecotourism- eco destination
  8. Nubia
    nubia- luxor- aswan- desert - camping - stars - ecotourism - eco- colors- windows- nubian- aswanian
  9. El Wahat El Bahariya
    El wahat el bahareya - el wahat el bahariya - el wahat - el wa7at- black mountains- mountain tops- oasis - egypt- sustainable travel - sustainable destinations- ecotourism- sustainable tourism
  10. Wadi Degla
    Wadi degla- wadi degla- degla- mountains- track- biking- ecotourism- eco destinations- sustainable travel- sustainable destinations
  11. Lake Qarun
    lake qarun- boheret qarun- fayoum- winter birds- migratory- sustainable destinations- sustainable tourism- ecotourism- eco destinations -
  12. Wadi El Rayan
    wadi el rayan- wadi el rayaan- fayoum- sunset- ecotourism- sustainable tourism- sustainable destinations- sustainable travel - nature tourism-
  13. Taba
    Taba - sinai - south sinai - nwueiba - ecolodges - ecotourism- sustainable destinations- eco - travel - nature tourism - fjord bay-

Help Preserve Our Natural Heritage

To take or capture nothing, but photographs

To eliminate or kill nothing, but time

To leave or discard nothing, but memories

For your safety remember that:

  • A permit from military or governmental authorities is required to access a number of protected areas, so make sure you have it before starting your adventure.
  • Before starting your adventure, hire a knowledgeable and experienced guide as it is highly recommended for visiting desert areas.
  • In remote areas, make sure to travel in convoys of at least two 4x4 vehicles.
  • Make sure you are fully equipped and prepared with enough food and water supplies, as travelling time through the desert can often be deceivingly long.
  • Before setting out on your journey, alert someone to your whereabouts and when you expect to be back.
  • Make sure to bring appropriate clothing and an insect repellent.