One of the most serene spots on Egypt’s Red Sea, Ras Muhammad brims with coral reefs!


The southernmost tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Ras Muhammad is an 850 km² fossilized coral headland that lies between the rich coral reefs of the Red Sea and the inland desert that was declared as a protectorate in 1983. Home to an abundance of wildlife such as the Green Sea Turtle, Clownfish, Giant Moray Eel, and the Sooty Falcon. Ras Muhammad enjoys a unique set of ecological and geological features, along with a thriving mangrove forest that have made it a popular destination for decades.


Although renowned mainly for its marine life, Ras Muhammad is also the home of several mangroves. The coral reefs found around Ras Muhammad make the area ideal for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. Several other marine species can be found further offshore, including Green Sea Turtles, Dolphins and Reef Sharks.
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Activities, Excursions

Apart from being a prime diving, snorkeling, and camping destination, this area is also known for being a birdwatching haven, hosting large numbers of White Storks during their annual migration.


Local People, Tribes

Ras Muhammad has no distinct local community, but locals who manage camping sites in the area belong to either the Mazayna or the Tarabin tribespeople.


Places To Lodge

Camping is a popular accommodation option for visitors to Ras Muhammad, which has a number of locally operated campsites.