One of the most well-preserved regions in Southern Sinai.


The northernmost protected area in the Sinai Peninsula, Taba Protectorate covers 3,595 km² and is characterized by steep-walled valleys and particularly high mountaintops. Long considered by experts to be one of the most well-preserved regions in Southern Sinai, Taba is home to the infamous Nubian Ibex. Declared a protected area in 1998, Taba also boasts an incredible selection of wildlife, including 24 reptilian species and up to 480 different kinds of plants. Visit Taba for an unmissable experience of traditional Bedouin heritage and the opportunity to roam around a number of cultural and archeological sites. Nawamis, one of the world’s oldest stone-roofed buildings, can be found there – just a taste of what Taba has to offer!


Natural Phenomena, Animals and Plants

Untouched nature, beauty and serenity is just some of what Taba has to offer. You can find in the steep valleys and across the jagged mountain range of this region an abundant amount of flora and fauna. Taba is known to have a wide variety of plant and bird species, such as the Acacia Tree and the rare Tristram Starling. The Egyptian Vulture can also be seen soaring the skies above Taba, and the Nubian Ibex grazing around the cliffs and mountaintops. While in Taba be sure to check out Pharaoh’s Island, a popular attraction, atop this unique island sits Salah El Din Citadel surrounded by crystal blue waters and pristine coral reefs. A refreshing blend of culture, history and a spectacular marine landscape.  Taba’s Fjord Bay is a must visit combining stunning mountain views and enchanting seascape. These shimmering blues waters not only offer beautiful views but is also known for being a tranquil spot perfect for relaxation. The valleys lining Taba’s coast is home to a number of unique natural water springs forming after centuries of rainfall. Hosting three water springs, Wadi El Weshwashy is a hidden gem buried deep in the mountains of South Sinai.


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Activities, Excursions

Diving, hiking and camping are some of the most sought-after activities around Taba. You can explore some of this region’s rich marine life through numerous diving and snorkeling trips, or you can spend your day hiking and trekking through the deep mountain ranges of Southern Sinai. Along the coast there is plenty of camping sites giving you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery and landscape. During the evening, the clear bright skies over Taba offer an incredible opportunity to stargaze
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Local People, Tribes

One of the largest and most established Bedouin tribes resides in the area around Taba, the Tarabin. This Bedouin tribe is famous for their exquisite hospitality and endearing nature. While exploring or hiking around this region be sure to break for a meal alongside the Tarabin people, their delicious cuisine is a must. Qorsa, a known dish by the Tarabin, is cooked with unripe watermelon and eaten with chili peppers. Be sure to discover their amazing traditional clothing and crafts items adorned with striking embroidery and beadwork meant to reflect the ecology of the region. Don’t forget to bring some of these crafts back home as authentic souvenirs from your time with the Tarabin tribespeople, all the while supporting these local communities

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Places To Lodge

The city of Taba offers a wide choice of accommodations. Camps and ecolodges around the area are operated by local communities, dotted along the coast they offer a more intimate experience with a spectacular back drop of the turquoise blue waters and striking Sinai mountain range.